Monday, April 1, 2013

My Studio/Workspace

I have been dreaming of having a studio of my own! A place where I could have all my "mess". My fabrics, beads, threads, needles, wool, paper, paints, brushes and the list goes on and on. Basically all my arts and crafts necessities. 
I always was and still am a very crafty person, and anything useless (for other people) might be useful for me so imagine how many things I collect so that I can eventually do something with them one day.
I used to keep them together with all my stuff in the basement of my house which was quite ok at the time but lately it started getting out of control. Too many things, too many boxes with stuff in it, too much of everything. I desperately needed a place to organize all my clutter....and then Yiannos, my husband, proposed to give me the top floor of his office which is in a very nice old, restored warehouse. He is an architect and he did the renovation of the building himself. 
The space is a wonderful long room (like a loft) with windows on the one side. The light is fantastic and the feeling of working in a place like that is something I cannot describe. It overlooks a small square with a church. Big difference from working in a basement!!! Don't you think so? 
You can have an idea of the place from the pictures below but I will come back soon with better pictures.

That's it for now! I wish you a good month!

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